Resale Shop Volunteer Needs

Our volunteers are vital to our mission. Individuals and community groups provide Willow Tree Missions with $100,000+ per year in free labor. We would not exist if not for them. Resale Shop volunteer opportunities include:

Limited Ability Tasks
  • Hang clothing
  • Price items
  • Put out new arrivals
  • Clean - Sweep sales floor & clean shelves
  • Operate cash register
  • Put out shoes & purses
  • Test electronics
  • Straighten sales items
  • Check for empty hangers
  • Shelve books into their correct
  • Remove monthly items from the
    sales floor
Physical Tasks
  • Accept incoming donations
  • Stock receiving
  • Empty trash cans
  • Crush cardboard
  • Pick up trash outside
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean break room
  • Salvage
Sit Down Tasks
  • Cut price tags
  • Pin socks
  • Size bras and underwear
  • Bundle toys
  • Bundle hangers
  • Price jewelry
  • Sort greeting cards
  • Cut cards for tags
  • Test pens & markers
  • Bundle craft items
  • Bundle small household items
  • Test watches
  • Tag sunglasses
  • Check and tag books, CDs, DVDs
  • Check games and puzzles
  • Be a door greeter

The Volunteer Advantage - Anyone who volunteers for a 2-hour shift or more is eligible to make their purchases with a 50% discount at the end of their shift. Our volunteer policy allows volunteers to purchase any items that have been researched, processed, and priced by our trained pricing team. There IS AN ADVANTAGE that volunteers get to see items first because they are there working. We are grateful that this advantage is one way we can thank them for their tireless and constant service. Anyone can volunteer if they, too, would like to gain this advantage. We believe they will quickly learn that there are many amazing reasons to be a part of this team that go far above and beyond shopping.

To volunteer at one of our two Resale Shops, contact