Time and Talents Needed

Volunteer Position


Support Needed

What would I be doing?

Prayer Warriors


Provide prayer support for Willow Tree Missions and specifically for the new building campaign.

Fundraiser Helpers

1 to 3 people

Help promote and sell tickets for various fundraisers.

Licensed Electrician *immediate need

1 to 2 people

Assist with electrical projects throughout building and/or installation of fire alarm system.

Maintenance Worker

1 to 2 people

Assist with various mechanical/ maintenance projects throughout building.


1 to 2 people

Assist with small plumbing projects.

Resale Shop volunteer

Sorting, pricing merchandise, cleaning, stocking shelves, simple office tasks, operating cash register.

Volunteer Days

Seeking community and church groups to join us on our Volunteer Days. Tasks for persons with various skill levels, usually focused on a specific project or area. Contact us at info@willowtreemissions.org to learn how your group can assist!

If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill in the following:

The Volunteer Advantage

Anyone who volunteers for a 2-hour shift or more is eligible to make their purchases with a 50% discount at the end of their shift. Our volunteer policy allows volunteers to purchase any items that have been researched, processed, and priced by our trained pricing team. There IS AN ADVANTAGE that volunteers get to see items first because they are there working. We are grateful that this advantage is one way we can thank them for their tireless and constant service. Anyone can volunteer if they, too, would like to gain this advantage. We believe they will quickly learn that there are many amazing reasons to be a part of this team that go far above and beyond shopping.