Time and Talents needed

Volunteer Positions:


Support Needed

What would I be doing?

Prayer Warriors Unlimited Provide prayer support for Willow Tree Missions and specifically for the new building campaign
Fundraiser Helpers 1-3 people Help promote and sell tickets, etc. for various fundraisers
Licensed Electrician *needed soon 1-2 people Assist with electrical projects throughout building and/or installation of fire alarm system
Maintenance Worker 1-2 people Assist with various mechanical/maintenance projects throughout building
Marketing Guru 1 person Assist with fundraising publications and/or promotional materials (online and in-person), and assist with donor recognition
Plumber 1-2 people Assist with small plumbing projects
Volunteer Days Church/Community Group/Organization The group would assist with volunteer activities for persons with various skill and ability levels usually on a specific project or area. Groups work for either one half or full day on a weekday, evening or weekend.
Paid Positions:
Director of Services 1 person see our Home page for more details

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