Who Are We?

A Christ-centered organization that provides victims of domestic abuse temporary shelter, advocacy, legal assistance, and counseling.

What is Our Mission

  • To provide Prevention, Escape, and Recovery services for victims of domestic violence.
  • To provide temporary shelter to residents of Piatt County who are victims of domestic abuse.
  • To provide access to transitional resources for families in search of safe and permanent housing and employment and/or assist with filing for an order of protection.
  • To provide advocacy and education for the elimination of domestic violence.

Where does the funding come from?  The Resale SHOP!

Willow Tree Resale Shop is the primary source of financial support for our Domestic Abuse Program. All of the resale shop proceeds are generated solely by sales and monetary donations. The support of Willow Tree Resale Shop by Piatt County donors and patrons has made this program a reality.

How to Contact Our Family Service Center

During business hours:  (217) 631-1018

Emergency Assistance After Hours:

If you are UNSAFE, please call 911 or local law enforcement.  After securing your safety, they will be able to contact us to request emergency shelter for you.

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