Our Vision and Story

Willow Tree is a 501(C)3 Christian organization dedicated to eliminating Domestic Violence in Piatt County. Our Resale Shop is our primary source of funding for the entire program. Your support of the shop helps us tackle this great cause.

Our vision is to eliminate Domestic Violence in Piatt County.
Following Jesus Christ as our source of inspiration and guidance, we aim to eliminate domestic violence in Piatt County by providing education and prevention training to the community, raising awareness of this cause, and providing assistance and comfort to families affected by domestic violence through counseling, mentoring, legal advocacy, shelter services and other services as needed.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 Women Will Experience Domestic Violence In Their Lifetime.
1 in 5 men will experience abuse in his lifetime
1 in 3 teens will experience dating abuse
These statistics are alarming to us in many ways. Domestic violence does not discriminate. It is as prevalent here as it is anywhere else. This means our county potentially contains:

- 1,800 females that are victims or future victims
- 1,000 males that are victims or future victims
- 700+ teens currently in an abusive relationship with 350 of those physically violent.

Would you be willing to be a part of helping us fight this ugly reality in our hometown area?

How You Can Help

  • Volunteer With The Domestic Abuse Program.
    Volunteers are essential to the ability of the shelter being open and providing services to victims of domestic violence. Ways you can help us:
  • Answer calls on the 24-hour Hotline
  • Provide support and information to residents when they are at the shelter.
  • Perform community outreach and education about domestic violence.
  • Assist with fundraising activities.
  • Perform administrative tasks and so much more!
    CLICK HERE to email us about volunteering!

Meet the Team

People are what make our mission work.  We feel like we have assembled some of the best leaders in the world to help end domestic abuse in Piatt County, IL.  Here are just a few of our core leaders.

Rachel LeJeune

Director of Operations

Chief John Carter

President of the Board

Pete Bergstrom


Heather Denam

Resale Shop Manager

Lisa Sullivan


Heidi Apperson

Board Member

Carol Brandl

Care Coordinator

R. Michael Beem


Mary Vogt

Board Member