Who We Are

Willow Tree is a 501(c)3 Christian organization dedicated to eliminating Domestic Violence in Piatt County, Illinois by providing victims of domestic abuse temporary shelter, advocacy, legal assistance, and counseling. We are overseen by a Board of Directors, and daily operations are managed by an Executive Leadership Team. The real work is carried out with the help of many staff and volunteers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eliminate Domestic Violence in Piatt County. Following Jesus Christ as our source of inspiration and guidance, we aim to eliminate domestic violence in Piatt County by providing education and prevention training to the community, raising awareness of this cause, and providing assistance and comfort to families affected by domestic violence through counseling, mentoring, legal advocacy, shelter services and other services as needed.

Our Mission

  • To provide prevention, escape, and recovery services for victims of domestic violence.
  • To provide temporary shelter to residents of Piatt County who are victims of domestic abuse.
  • To provide access to short-term transitional resources for families in search of safe and permanent housing and employment and/or assist with filing for an order of protection.
  • To provide advocacy and education for the elimination of domestic violence.

Our History

Willow Tree Missions was created in 2007.  The founders had a passion for funding a domestic violence program through the efforts of a resale shop. The organization was started in the neighboring town of Cisco where it operated for two years.  Due to growth and need for a bigger and better-equipped building, it was relocated to our permanent home of Monticello, Illinois in 2009.

The growth of the resale shop allowed the organization to purchase a building in Monticello in 2011 to serve as a center for the Domestic Abuse Program.  The program trained a group of certified advocates and successfully began serving the community in March of 2012.  Initially, the belief was that there would be a heavy demand for shelter and resources were directed in that way.  As we assessed our program over time, we realized that we were over committing our resources to the shelter when the demand for it was fairly low.  The team began to pursue a mission greater than just simply assisting victims of domestic violence by making our ultimate mission to ELIMINATE domestic abuse in our county. It was at this time that we created the Family Services Center that focuses on education & prevention efforts, community awareness, working with law enforcement officials, helping clients with orders of protection, counseling and other needs as they arise.

With this new mission, our organization continued to grow and our resale shop has been able to extend hours to serve the community six days per week.  In 2021, we acquired another, much larger and accessible facility where we will be able to house the retail shop, the family services center, and transitional housing. Our team is ever-vigilant of the changing and developing needs and we strive to stay passionate and unwavering in our pursuit to eliminate domestic violence in our community!

Our funding

Willow Tree Resale Shop is the primary source of financial support for our Domestic Abuse Program. All of the resale shop proceeds are generated solely by sales and monetary donations from patrons. A tremendous amount of community support has made this program a reality. The funding for special projects and some pieces of our programming comes from grants and fundraising events.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 Women Will Experience Domestic Violence In Their Lifetime.
1 in 5 men will experience abuse in his lifetime
1 in 3 teens will experience dating abuse
These statistics are alarming to us in many ways. Domestic violence does not discriminate. It is as prevalent here as it is anywhere else. This means our county potentially contains:

- 1,800 females that are victims or future victims
- 1,000 males that are victims or future victims
- 700+ teens currently in an abusive relationship with 350 of those physically violent.

Would you be willing to be a part of helping us fight this ugly reality in our hometown area?

How You Can Help

Meet the Team

People are what make our mission work.  We feel like we have assembled some of the best leaders in the world to help end domestic abuse in Piatt County, IL.  Here are just a few of our core leaders.

Board of Directors

Kristine Miller


Kyle Koester


Tiffany Koester

Vice President

Dot Turek


Chief John Carter


Julia Rademacher


R. Michael Beem




Executive Leadership Team

Jill Maxey

Executive Director

Heather Denam

Director Of Operations

Susan Houston

Interim Director Of Services